Singles/Doubles Championships Postmatch Interviews^

^Postmatch Interviews will not be conducted on May 22 or during quarterfinal matches on May 23.
Men’s Singles Semifinals (Nikolas Marino/CMS)
Men’s Singles Semifinals (Joey Fritz/Amherst)
Men’s Singles Semifinals (Joe Dorn/CMS) 
Men’s Singles Semifinals (Warren Wood/CMS)
Women’s Singles Semifinals (Kathleen Elkins/Williams)
Women’s Singles Semifinals (Jordan Brewer/Amherst)
Women’s Singles Semifinals (Kara Shoemaker/Williams)
Women’s Singles Semifinals (Gabrielle Clark/Emory)
Women’s Singles Finals (Jordan Brewer/Amherst)
Women’s Singles Finals (Gabrielle Clark/Emory)
Men's Singles Final (Warren Wood/CMS)
Men's Singles Final (Joey Fritz/Amherst)
Women’s Doubles Semifinals (Chao and Yen/Pomona-Pitzer) - Non-advancing team
Women’s Doubles Semifinals (Clark and Satterfield/Emory) - Non-advancing team
Men's Doubles Semifinals (Jeremy Bush and Ross Putterman/Wash U) - Non-advancing team
Men's Doubles Semifinals (Joey Fritz/Amherst) - Non-advancing team
Women’s Doubles Finals (Kuosman and Ward/CMS)
Women’s Doubles Finals (Brewer and Devlin/Amherst)
Men's Doubles Finals (Timmy Berg and Pierre Planche/Bates)
Men's Doubles Finals (Klawitter and Krimbill/Case Western)