Thomas D'Anieri
Thomas D'Anieri
Year: So
Hometown: Wellesley, MA
High School: Wellesley
College: Claremont McKenna

The following are real quotes about Thomas D'Anieri offered by his friends, family, peers, and coaches. 


"The most intelligent sophomore at CMC and a future valedictorian"

--Hiram Chodosh


"I believe it's jogging or yogging. It might be a soft J. I'm not sure but apparently he just runs for an extended period of time. It's supposed to be wild"

--Ron Burgundy


"Personally, one of our favorite residents"

--Governors Charlie Baker and Jerry Brown, said in unison


"I wish he was further from home"



"Okay, I guess"

Sara Mosatabi


"Brah gnar shred grom kook chill slam Kiwi pitted send it duuude"

--Collin Barraugh


"His 2016 multi-duals was the single most disappointing race I have ever seen"

--Coach Collin


"Thomas ran a good, strong race at multi-duals last year. We'll see if he can catch me this fall"

--Brooks MacDonald 


"My best friend"



"The GOAT. Just like Brady. Takes cold showers. Fire Goodell."

--Ben Dibble


"I would hate to race him at Nationball"

--Kenenisa Bekele


"What do you want to know about my protege? Oh, no, I have no idea how he got a concussion"

--Alex Mitchell


"The best runner CMS has ever seen"

--John Goldhammer