14 Chelsea Baker
14 Chelsea Baker
Height: 5-3
Year: SR
Hometown: Tucson, AZ
High School: Salpointe Catholic
Position: OF

College: CMC

Major: Psychology

Minor/Sequence/Concentration: Military Science (ROTC)

Greatest Area of Academic Interest: Developmental Psychology

Favorite Class in College thus far: Astronomy, Analysis of Human Motor Skills

Why She Chose CMS Softball: Coach Betsy Hipple. I wanted to be part of a competitive program whose players cared about winning, but more importantly, cared about each other. 

Club Softball Teams: Arizona Firebirds, Tucson Elite 

Favorite Books: The Count of Monte Cristo, The Great Gatsby, Nancy Drew and Goodnight Moon

Favorite Movies: When Harry Met Sally, Anchorman, Private Benjamin, A-Team, Despicable Me

Favorite Quotes:

“If winning isn’t everything, then why do they keep score?” - Vince Lombardi

“Intent is the beginning of all great things” – Coach Betsy Hipple

“Play until the ball is worn, the bat has cracked, the glove is loose, and the grass and dirt have become one.” TJ Moss

“As long as we have faith in our own cause and an unconquerable will to win, victory will not be denied us.” Winston Churchill

“Magnetize that bro!”- Coach Betsy Hipple

People She Admires: The Betsinator, Papa Don, Kara Mantani, my parents and brother

One Dream She Cherishes: I want to be life-long friends with my Athenas. I also hope that one day I can be even half the mother my mom has been to me. I want to risk, travel, laugh and love until the day I die. I have a dream that Harmony Palmer and I will always be back twins!