17 Rebecca Ciszewski
17 Rebecca Ciszewski
Height: 5-10
Year: FR
Hometown: Orangevale
High School: Bella Vista
Position: IF

College: Claremont McKenna College

Major: Neuroscience 

Greatest Area of Academic Interest: Science in general

Favorite Class in College thus far: Spanish

Why She Chose CMS Softball: Before I came on my visit, I had never seen a group of girls so tightly knit and excited to play softball with each other. I just couldn’t say “no” to that.

Club Softball Teams: California Sting, Capital City Comets

Favorite Books: The Green Rider series because its about a pony

Favorite Movies: The Italian Job, Hidalgo… I like that the good pony always wins!, The Princess Bride and Up

Favorite Quotes: “If I were a man with gills I would be a fish”  -Ryan Styles; “Run like a man. Get your knees up!”  -Seinfeld

Three People She Admires: Both parents, but they count as one, The Bob and Chee

One Dream She Cherishes: When I grow up I want to be a pony

Nickname: Pony