8 Megan Latta
8 Megan Latta
Year: Sr
Hometown: Pasadena
High School: Polytechnic
Previous College: CMC
Position: IF/OF
Major: Environmental Analysis and Philosophy

Major: Philosophy-Environmental Analysis Dual

Favorite Class in College: Logic

Why I Chose CMS Softball:  CMS Softball means a fantastic and fun coaching staff, a wonderful education, and the most motivated, intelligent, & wonderful teammates in the world.  I knew playing CMS Softball would only bring positives into my life, and I was right.

Club Team: SGV Velocity

Favorite Books: Great Gatsby, Bel Canto, Cider House Rules, The Art of Fielding

Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Shawshank Redemption, A League of Their Own, Gilmore Girls

Favorite Quote: "To reach a ball that has never been reached before, to extend himself to the very limits of his range, and then a step farther, this is the shortstop's dream." -Chad Harbach

People I Admire: My family 

One Dream I Cherish: To travel the world aimlessly for a year or two.