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Athena Summer Travel Blog: Maddie Barnes

            Hey Athena fans! I am Madeline Barnes and I am a Scripps College student from Seattle, WA. I am a Classics/Pre-Med major and am a junior on the Women's Basketball team.  This past summer I studied abroad in Athens, Greece at the American College of Greece.  While there, I took an art history course on Athens and its role in classical antiquity.  It was an amazing experience to learn about the monuments, sculptures, and pottery while actually being able to see them in person, not just in a picture.  I attended class each morning, and three to four times per week class consisted of going to a museum or archaeological site to see in person the objects we read and heard about. 

            The amazing part of studying abroad in the summer is that the experience is not just about school.  It is also about living with people from all over the US and the world, it is about seeing another country and its culture, and opening yourself up to new experiences.  I learned Greek dancing and cooking, swam in the Aegean Sea, watched the sunset over all of Athens, became a self proclaimed expert at the public transportation system, and did all of this with people from New York, Iowa, Alabama, and Egypt (just to name a few places). I also did some of this with my parents who joined me for a part of my trip. It truly was a trip and experience of a lifetime!  With all that said, I am truly happy to be back at Claremont and am ready for an amazing season this year!