Kelly Chen
Kelly Chen
Year: SO
Hometown: Milpitas
High School: Harker School
Previous College: CMC
On Court:
Played varsity tennis at The Harker School for four years, competing at the #1 or #2 singles spot for three years. As a senior … was a captain and played #1 doubles. … was 1st team all-league for four years, the first in Harker’s athletic history. … was MVP in her sophomore year.


Prince O3 Speedport Black Team, Tension: 58
String: Volkl Powerfiber II

Started playing tennis at the age of 8. … has one sister named Samantha, who is a junior at UCLA and is the daughter of Richard and Jennifer. … is fluent in Mandarin and is in her 6th year of Japanese. …Chen’s favorite players are Kim Clijsters and Novak Djokovic. In her spare time, … likes to EAT (anything and everything) and nap all day, every day. staff member of TASA on campus and participates in Senate. … enjoys basketball in her spare time and played varsity lacrosse in high school. …Chen’s favorite TV shows are How I Met Your Mother, Psych, and Lie to Me. …favorite movies are (500) Days of Summer, Zombieland, and any Disney Pixar movie.

Favorite 909 Restaurant/Eatery:
Bua Thai/In N Out

Favorite Magazine:
Trashy gossip magazines…it's a guilty pleasure ?

Worst Haircut and When:
The year when my mother consistently cut my hair (age 7?)…worst hair-dos of my life…

Describe Your Perfect Day:
Wake up at a reasonable hour (i.e. 11 am or later), have brunch (Belgian waffles, parfait, juuuiiice, etc).
Go to the beach, chillax, have a bonfire.
Go to a sushi bar for dinner and pig out.
All-night movie marathon.