John Dewald
John Dewald
Year: FR
Hometown: Reno, NV
High School: Sage Ridge School
Previous College: CMC
Major: Legal Studies

John Dewald has a pet carpenter ant. He likes long walks on the beach and poetry. "I always sip a warm cup of milk before bed to soothe my stomach," he says. "I enjoy tea and playing with my collection of kittens." John's 5k P.R. is 17:15. His interests are many: " I spend Saturday in the spa eating cheesecake and getting manicures...Sunday is fun day. I play Katy Perry and dance alone in my bathroom. Monday is fun day. Tuesday is also fun day, but I dance to Taylor Swift. I snuggle in the attic with my pillow pets and drift into a blissful slumber. Wednesday is men's day and I watch my favorites with George Clooney, Channing Tatum and Sean Connery. Thursday is fun day. I dress up in a blazer and slacks and dance to Gangam style. Friday is my day. I do good deeds for my neighbors." The CMC freshman from Reno wants to pursue legal studies and economics.