Collin Barraugh
Collin Barraugh
Year: JR
Hometown: San Diego, CA
High School: Westview
College: Claremont McKenna

If you ever hold a conversation with Collin, he will inevitably steer the topic of discussion in the direction of surfing. He will tell you lies of how amazing he is at surfing and proceed to waste an hour of your day confusing you with primitive surfing jargon that makes no sense at all. The only way to avoid this terrible fate is to shove a burrito in his mouth to shut him up and run while you still have the chance. Oh wait... You have been tricked! This is actually Collin talking in the third person. You have just fed me a burrito which is what I have wanted all along. And guess what. I am actually am really good at surfing! Looks like I have emerged the winner once again. Better luck next time m8!