Kevin Huang
Kevin Huang
Year: JR
Hometown: Willowbrook, IL
High School: Hinsdale Central
Major: Chemistry
College: Harvey Mudd

Kevin is a kind-hearted soul who loves tranquil, wispy music played softly by a lute tenderly into his ear. In his free time, he delivers baby piglets, caressing them out of the womb with a gentle touch, smothering them with love and kisses. You will often find him hiding in bushes, seeking to be at one with nature, yearning to sprout up as a plant, blooming into an exotic flower, reaching the heavens. However, be careful as Kevin is often prone to violent tempers. This summer, on certain dark days, Kevin reached a new height of gluttony and sloth, wallowing in a pool of jorts and salt and vinegar potato chips. He often tries to hide his dark secrets behind his masks of being a CMS runner and chemistry major at Harvey Mudd, yet you never know when his demons will come out.

1500m- 3:52.87
5000m- 15:10.96
8000m- 25:33.7