Kyle Lund
Kyle Lund
Year: SR
Hometown: Boulder, CO
High School: Fairview
Major: Robotics
College: Harvey Mudd

Kyle is a Junior at Harvey Mudd majoring in Robotics. He hails from a craggy mountaintop in the wilderness of Colorado and likes to jump off from high places and pretend that he's flying. He is not used to the barbaric and dirty ways of civilization and has a habit of getting nasty new diseases every semester. As he says "They don't have these diseases on my mountain in Colorado. No way. It's way cleaner and nicer there." His teammates think he's crazy. He can be seen sometimes wandering around before practice muttering "I'll get better one of these days and I'll show all of you. I can run I promise." If he was healthy he'd probably be pretty fast but that hasn't been proven yet. His favorite foods are pasta and the blood of his enemies.

8k - 26:23
5k - 15:04
1500 - 4:01