Thomas Fleming
Thomas Fleming
Year: So.
Hometown: Long Beach, CA
High School: LB Poly
Major: Computer Science and Mathematics
College: Harvey Mudd

In no particular order, here are some facts about myself:

In eighth grade I ran a mile in 9:15.

I know enough about technology to horribly break things but not enough to fix them after.

The one time I tried to run barefoot was two days before league finals and I got second degree burns on my feet.

I tell people I'm a vegetarian, but the truth is I just don't like the taste of meat. This rarely goes well.

In twelfth grade I ran a mile in 4:27.

I used to think "doubling" meant doing the same workout twice in a day. I tried it once before realizing that something was very wrong.

I recently cut 11 inches off of my hair. I am currently working on finding a new personality trait.