Henry Pick
Henry Pick
Year: Fy.
Hometown: Ventura, CA
High School: Foothill
College: Harvey Mudd

I come from California where the fantastic weather doesn't deter me from spending much of my days inside. During my freshman year at Harvey Mudd, I hope to 1.) get a little closer to determining my major and 2.) to make some new friends who share my interests. Some of these include music and computer graphics.

Before I started running, I played tennis, and before that, I was the only kid in my PE class who ran the mile instead of walking with friends and properly enjoying my middle school years. I guess I've kind of come full circle.

When I'm not running, I'm either sick, unable to walk because I've dropped a skateboard on my foot, or sitting in front of my computer, souping up my desktop environment.

Side note:
You may make fun of my cargo shorts, but don't expect me to lend you a pocket when you need a place to store your phone.