Softball Field Gets Huge Upgrades For 2012 Season

Softball Field Gets Huge Upgrades For 2012 Season

The CMS Softball field has been expanded and upgraded for 2012.  Already a beautiful facility, Athena Field now ranks among the finest collegiate softball venues in Southern California. 

The most significant changes to the CMS Softball facility since its construction in 1989 took place this fall.  They include two new batting cage nets, a netting backstop to replace the previous chain link fencing and most notably, a 24-foot 10-inning scoreboard with a live LED display board (pictured). 

The improvements were in the CMS facility upgrade pipeline for years.  During 2011, donor support, administrative support and timing all came together to see them each come to fruition.  The backstop and scoreboard will enhance the spectator experience significantly.  The netting backstop eliminates visual interference for fans seated in the bleachers.  The new scoreboard is brightly colored, boldly lit, visible to all without obstruction and offers a centerpiece LED screen for information, updates, stats, and in game announcements. 

The upgrades, each impressive unto itself, combine to intensify the competitive atmosphere for players and fans. 

An arch truss sits atop the scoreboard with the word A T H E N A S in cardinal and gold 3-foot tall letters.  The word towers above the foul poles and the entire field.  There will be no forgetting whose field you're on this year.      

Adding to the facility advances, the outfield fence was moved back 10 feet.  At 210 feet down the lines and 235 feet in center, Athena field also becomes one of the biggest yards in the country. 

Come and see the new developments and the Athenas in action as they open their 2012 season on Saturday, February 11 against Occidental College.  Game times are 12 and 2pm.  (