Women's Basketball Preseason Recap

Women's Basketball Preseason Recap

The CMS Women's Basketball Team has started the 2010-2011 season on fire.  With only one loss, the Athenas are looking forward to an exciting SCIAC Conference season, which begins on January 8.  Below is a recap of their preseason games. 


Nov. 19 – Bethany

The Athenas' first game of the 2010-2011 season was a success.  CMS convincingly defeated Bethany University 75-59 on Bethany's home court.  The Athenas outplayed Bethany in both halves, but continued to look more composed and comfortable as the game progressed.  In the second half the Athenas were on fire, shooting 76% from the field and making 10 of their 12 free throw attempts.  It was a great start to the season for CMS.


Nov. 21 – Menlo

To finish their trip in Northern California, the Athenas were defeated 81-72 by Menlo College.  From the beginning the game was close, with the Athenas taking an early lead.  At half Menlo led by three, and both teams were ready to play as the second half began.  In the final five minutes Menlo was able to get hot and put away key baskets that clinched the victory.


Nov. 26 – UC Santa Cruz

CMS' first game of the David Wells Classic, which they co-host with Pomona-Pitzer, was against the UC Santa Cruz Banana Slugs.  The Athenas handedly crushed the Slugs 73-48.  The Athenas started the game on an 11-0 run and prevented the Slugs from scoring for the first ten minutes of the half.   CMS never let Santa Cruz get close, and finished the half with a 16-point lead.  In the second half the Athenas continued to dominate and never let their lead slide past nine points. 


Nov. 27 – Carleton College

In their final game of the David Wells Classic, CMS narrowly defeated Carleton College.   The game was a battle from the start.  The Athenas capitalized on the Knights 20 turnovers in the first half to enter the break with a 27-23 lead.  At the start of the second half, Carleton went on a 13-4 run, allowing them to regain the lead.  The Knights maintained their lead for most of the second half, leading 60-54 with just over three minutes left.  Realizing that they needed to rally now or face defeat, the Athenas pulled it together.  CMS made the final seven points of the game and prevented Carleton from putting away what would have been a game winning layup with five seconds remaining.  The Athenas won 61-60.


Dec. 3 – Cal St. Maritime

The CMS-Caltech Classic began with a bang for the Athenas as they defeated Cal St. Maritime 70-45.  CMS played solid basketball for most of the game, but the first half was most impressive.  They shot 51.6% from the field in the first half and entered the break leading 41-13.  The Athenas continued to play strong offense in the second half.  However, their defense was not as poised as in the first half, as they let Cal St. Maritime score 32 points.  Despite being outscored by three in the second half, CMS was able to maintain their convincing victory.


Dec. 4 – Southwestern (AZ)

CMS beat Southwestern in the second game of the Classic by 17 points.  Both teams started off slow on offense.  The Athenas were 1 for 13 from behind the line and only made 57% of their free throws in the first half.  Nevertheless, CMS finished the half with a ten-point lead.  The second half was much stronger for both teams, but the Athenas still managed to outscore Southwestern.  The game ended with a 78-61 victory for CMS.


Dec. 10 – Southwestern (AZ)

Just six days later, CMS played Southwestern again and came away with another victory.  This time the Athenas were red hot for both halves.  In the first half the Athenas were 100% from the free throw line and made 17 of 36 attempts from the field.  The scoreboard showed a 47-16 lead for the Athenas at halftime.  CMS continued to play solid basketball in the second half, scoring another 49 points and limiting Southwestern to 29 points.  With two consecutive quality halves, the Athenas were able to defeat Southwestern by 51 with a score of 96-45.


Dec. 11 – Bethany

After traveling to Northern California and defeating Bethany in their first game of the season, CMS hosted the Bruins.  The outcome was very similar, as the Athenas won 77-53.  Drawing upon their stellar shooting from their game against Southwestern, the Athenas continued to play solid offense.  Additionally, the Athenas played first-rate defense, out rebounding Bethany 41-23.  The combination of excellent offense and aggressive, dynamic defense allowed CMS to capture another win.


Dec. 20 – Pacific (Ore.)

In the final game before the semester break, CMS defeated the Pacific University Boxers 91-51 by shooting 56% from the field.  The Athenas were 10 of 21 from three-point range and 36 of 64 from the field.  The Boxers were able to knock down shots when given the opportunity, shooting 40% from the field, but the Athenas limited their chances.  The game started off evenly, but the Athenas took command at the end of the first half to enter the break with a 44-20 lead.  In the second half, CMS limited Pacific to only two baskets in the first eight minutes.  CMS was able to maintain their face-paced, quality basketball and win by 40 points.


Dec. 31 - Saint Joseph's College of Maine

Returning from a short, yet relaxing break, the Athenas ended the 2010-year with their eighth consecutive victory in a 72-50 win over Saint Joseph's College of Maine.  The first ten minutes of the match were a back and forth battle.  CMS was able to finish the half with a 9-0 run that gave them a 35-23 lead at the break.  Saint Joseph came out strong in the second half and were able to keep the Athenas within eight until six minutes remained.  In the final six minutes, CMS went on a 16-2 run to carry them to victory.