Both swim teams ranked in top seven nationally

Both swim teams ranked in top seven nationally

The Endless Pools/ Division III Top 25 was released yesterday and the CMS teams are ranked sixth (women) and seventh (men).  The rankings are the only objective ranking of college swimming for NCAA Divisions I, II, and III, NAIA, and NJCAA.  Each swim is assigned a score relative to its national ranking.  The team score is calculated from the average of the top twenty-seven swims for each team.  The Endless Pools / Top 25 takes the best team performance over a four-week period.

This initial ranking is based on the teams' results from their opening competition against UC San Diego.  Both teams competed well against the Tritons, who are ranked first (women) and fourth (men) in Division II, with three wins and five runner-up finishes in the meet.

Rank Women Points
1. Emory 666.2
2. Kenyon 623.9
3. NYU 500.3
4. Washington (MO) 481.3
5. Carnegie Mellon 480.4
6. CMS 455.6
7. DePauw 449.9
8. Rochester 446.7
9. UW-Whitewater 406.7
10. Keene State 399.6


Rank Men Points
1. Kenyon 603.3
2. Emory 559.7
3. NYU 515.6
4. Carnegie Mellon 506.7
5. Keene State 487.6
6. DePauw 470.5
7. CMS 460.7
8. Washington (MO) 414.7
9. Mary Washington 408.2
10. Case Western 399.3


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