CMS Women's Tennis Opens 2019-20 Season with Doubles Play at Fall Scramble

Madison Shea and Sydney Lee celebrate their doubles win over Azusa Pacific on Friday
Madison Shea and Sydney Lee celebrate their doubles win over Azusa Pacific on Friday

CLAREMONT, Calif. - The 2018-19 CMS women's tennis season ended with doubles, as Catherine Allen and Caroline Cox defeated Sarah Bahsoun and Nicole Tan in an All-Athena final at the NCAA Division III Doubles Championships in Kalamazoo last May.

This year's season began with doubles, although with less at stake, as the Athenas competed with four other schools (Pomona-Pitzer, Azusa Pacific, Concordia Irvine and Westmont) in doubles at its annual Fall Scramble, co-hosted with Pomona-Pitzer, on Friday afternoon at the Biszantz Family Tennis Center. The doubles teams rotated against different opposing schools, rather than arranging into flights and playing a tournament format, and all 14 players on the roster picked up at least one win on the day. 

Cox is studying abroad this fall, but the Bahsoun-Tan team that finished last year as runners-up returned in tact and won their first two matches of the 2019-20 season, taking an 8-5 win against Westmont and an 8-1 win over Pomona-Pitzer, before falling in their third match to the top team from Concordia. 

First-year Anna Kern won her first three collegiate doubles matches with three different partners. Kern won her first match over Westmont 8-5 while playing with junior Rebecca Berger, and then picked up an 8-3 win over Concordia when teaming with sophomore Crystal Juan. She capped off her day with an 8-3 win over Concordia when partnered with Lauren Yamagami, who was 2-0 on the day after winning an 8-6 match against Concordia with sophomore Georgia Tuckerman

Juan was also 3-0 in her three doubles matches, winning twice with first-year Gabby Lee, 8-4 over Westmont and 8-3 over Concordia. She then added a third win competing with sophomore transfer Devon Wolfe, defeating Concordia 8-3. Berger was the third Athena to go 3-0, also with three different partners, winning with Kern, senior Anastasia Bryan-Ajania and Lee. First-year Justine Leong picked up an 8-1 win over Pomona-Pitzer with Allen and an 8-3 win over Azusa Paciifc with senior Madison Shea.

The two-day scramble concludes tomorrow with singles play, beginning at 9 a.m. at the Biszantz Family Tennis Center. 

Fall Scramble Results (Doubles)

S. Bahsoun/N. Tan def. E. Wilson/E. Pierson (WC) 8-5

G. Lee/C. Juan def. E.Peterson/S.Lowry (WC) 8-4

R. Berger/A. Kern def. C.Hemry/R.Jackson (WC) 8-5

P. Ivankovic/A. Savchenko (APU) def. C. Allen/J. Leong 8-2

S. Lee/M. Shea def. C.Page/J. Wagner (APU) 8-4

D. Wolfe/A. Bryan-Ajania def. A.Wong/A. Stewart (APU) 8-2

J. Leong/M. Shea def. J. Wagner/P. Ivankovic (APU) 8-4

A. Wong/A. Savchenko (APU) def. S. Lee/G. Lee 8-6

A. Bryan-Ajania/R. Berger def. A. Stewart/C. Page (APU) 8-6

S. Bahsoun/N. Tan def. M. Lyven/G. Ryan (PP) 8-1

C. Allen/J. Leong def. R. Salaway/A. Chen (PP) 8-1

J. Marcus/J. Kim (PP) def. D. Wolfe/A. Bryan-Ajania 8-4

G. Pakbaten/Anderson (CUI) def. S. Lee/M. Shea 8-2

G. Lee/R. Berger def. L. Suzuki/T. Lau (CUI) 8-3

C. Juan/A. Kern def. K. Strandness/H. Diefenbach (CUI) 8-3

G. Tuckerman/L. Yamagami def. Gorges/Jolin (CUI) 8-6

G. Pakbaten/Anderson (CUI) def. S. Bahsoun/N. Tan 8-2

D. Wolfe/C. Juan def. L. Suzuki/T. Lau (CUI) 8-3

A. Kern/L. Yamagami def. Gorges/Jolin (CUI) 8-3

CMS Records
C. Juan 3-0
A. Kern 3-0
R. Berger 3-0
L. Yamagami 2-0
J. Leong 2-1
D. Wolfe 2-1
A. Bryan-Ajania 2-1
S. Bahsoun 2-1
N. Tan 2-1
G. Lee 2-1
M. Shea 2-1
G. Tuckerman 1-0
C. Allen 1-1
S. Lee 1-2