Caroline Willian
Caroline Willian
Year: SR
Hometown: Short Hills, NJ
High School: Newark Academy
Major: International Relations
College: Claremont McKenna

Caroline is a CMC student from Short Hills, New Jersey. She's finally a senior and she doesn't really know how she made it this far. Her greatest running and non-running related accomplishments include: having a rad Halloween costume two years in a row (Oct '13, Oct '14) graduating from bulldog push-ups to real push-ups (May '14), becoming a seaweed queen in Santa Barbara (Sep '15), budgeting her flex perfectly so that she ran out just after her last final (Dec '15), and being part of an inspiring NationalBall team that still lost, but not by that much (Sep '16). Her favorite activities include drinking coffee (duh), journaling, wearing sundresses, and looking for a seat at Scripps lunch. Her favorite CMS memory is that time after nationals when Coach Jennie lost the van in the airport parking lot. Caroline is returning from a semester abroad in Argentina and is looking forward to another year of running, racing, and adventuring with her fellow Thinclads.