Olivia Palenscar
Olivia Palenscar
Year: Sr.
Hometown: Preston, WA
High School: Sammamish
Major: Environmental Analysis
College: Scripps

Somehow I am now a senior at Scripps College. Gasp. I am majoring in environmental analysis specifically on the science track (I take a lot of biology classes essentially). Last semester, I studied abroad in Iceland and Greenland. It was pretty cool.

Fun fact, Iceland is my favorite country. Some of my experiences in Iceland included snorkeling in the heart of winter, snowmobiling on a glacier, and I lived with a sick raven (yes it was a real bird), the raven had some sort of bacterial infection. But besides that I also started to knit again when I was trapped in the cold in Greenland, I am halfway through a sweater but the real question is will l ever finish it? Maybe but you will never know. While in Nuuk, I tried whale blubber, seal, seal blubber, narwhal jerky, whale skin, and reindeer (the only thing that I could actually stomach).

Also, I had a pretty awesome host family! I lived in Ísafjörður, a small town of 2,700 people (the 13th largest city in Iceland) which is located in the Westfjords. My host brothers are 16-year-old twin boys, they are very, very tall. One is 6’7” and the other is only 6’5”. Both of them play on the Icelandic National Team. I am just shy of 5’3” if you were curious.  

Did you know that in Iceland ham and cream cheese is the most popular kind of pizza toppings? My host brother’s favorite pizza place is Domino’s. Important to note is that Icelandic hot dogs are the best. And always get the crispy onions.