Allison Rigby
Allison Rigby
Year: JR
Hometown: Santa Ana
High School: Foothill
Previous College: Scripps
Major: Environmental Analysis/Art

Allison Rigby is a junior transfer student at Scripps College. She started running so she could spend more time with her amazing big sister, who she admires beyond comparison. Surprisingly, however, it was not her sister but the southern wilds that taught Allie how to run fast. One summer while training along a steaming Mississippi road, Allie was chased by a pack of dogs. A farmer mowing his lawn sprinted after them, pushing his lawnmower with one hand and calling off the dogs with the other. Allie learned the true meaning of leg speed that day. A trail runner at heart, Allie enjoys running Live Oak with the team at sunrise, where she recently startled three coyotes on the trail. Never one to do things the simple way, Allie is attempting to combine environmental analysis and art history at Scripps College. She is also an accomplished printmaker.