Bridget Blum
Bridget Blum
Year: FR
Hometown: San Francisco
High School: University
Previous College: CMC
Major: Neuropsychology

Bridget’s ideal run winds through San Francisco’s foggy, rolling hills. “I love running along the Golden Gate Bridge,” she shares. “And long runs with the team. We can be talking about anything but whatever it is it is always nice to have the team there to discuss future events or events from the previous day or race.  I love it!” Bridget adds that, during races, she enjoys working with the team towards their goals. “At UCR Sara helped me a lot during the first few miles to stay focused and relaxed,” she says. “Her words of encouragement were so helpful and I love that the team is so close like that.” Bridget’s hero is her mother, because she encouraged her to keep running and never to give up. “She would get up early with me this past summer so I did not have to run alone and she always pushed me to be the best.  Her encouragement and words of running wisdom have helped to bring me here now.” Bridget reflects that the sport has taught her diligence. “Nothing has ever come easily for me, especially running, and I can truly testify that being diligent and determined in whatever you do will pay off in the end.  I truly do believe that the only way to improve is to give it everything you have.” Bridget’s favorite post race meal is most definitely cereal.