Ari Rubin
Ari Rubin
Year: FR
Hometown: Los Gatos
High School: Los Gatos
Previous College: CMC
Major: Economics

Ari Rubin's dream race is a 5k during which he is shot in the leg and yet, by pure adrenaline, finishes with a world record. The CMC freshman from Los Gatos is contemplating a major in either computer science or underwater yam harvesting. He's a gold medalist in outer space yam harvesting. His 3 mile P.R. is 16:04 and his motto is YOFO: you're only a freshman once. Before races, Ari likes to listen to 'The Touch' by Stan Bush. He likes The Doors and Jim Morrison. He is a legal lord of Scotland. "I own a square meter of land there. It's royal land."