Emma Crabo
Emma Crabo
Year: FR
Hometown: Bellingham, WA
High School: Sehome
Previous College: Scripps
Major: Undecided

Emma Crabo hails from Bellingham, Washington, where she enjoys raspberries and rain. "I love the Northwest and I know I'll end up back there some day, but California is a healthy change. She comes to Claremont following in the footsteps of her brother Anders Crabo who competed for our cross-street rival team. Emma will be a freshman at Scripps, and she's interested in health. Her P.R. is 20:30 for the 5k, 5:40 for the mile and 2:32 for the 800. Before every race she always braids her hair into a side braid and pony tail. Always. Emma enjoys baking breads, muffins and cookies, designing stuff, contemplating future travel to south America or Spain, and The Walking Dead. Her spirit animal is either an otter or a bear cub.