Meghan Fuelling
Meghan Fuelling
Year: SO
Hometown: La Canada
High School: La Canada
Previous College: CMC
Major: Economics-Finance

Personal bests: 6K - 23:20.4; 5K - 19:01

Meghan Fuelling does not like Yogurtland, so don't even bring it up. She is a 21 choices fan exclusively. "I don't actually like yogurt," she admits, "but at 21 choices it's yummy. They mix it all in." Meghan hails from La Canada, California and is a sophomore at CMC, where she studies economics and finance. She likes Mexican food, bread, and golfing. She's a good cook too. Her spirit animal? "I'm told I'm a capybara. I'm not entirely familiar with what this is." Like a determined capybara she has whittled her P.R.s down to 18:26 in the 5k and 23:20 in the 6k. "I like running in Mammoth and Tahoe because it's really pretty. Running is a good way to release energy and de-stress. I like working to get better." Meghan's music tastes are brutally narrow. "I like Train. Oh I meant the Blank Tapes. Kidding they were awful."